Wednesday, September 28, 2016


For Theresa's Good Fences on Thursday.

There are still a lot of fences I wanted to share from our trip to Clifton a few weeks ago.  

Here is our friendly cow that I have posted about before.

The rest were found while walking around town.

For Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five
on Friday.

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What did we do this week?

1)  I had friends visiting last weekend, who have to travel some distance to get here.  They stayed for a long weekend.  I took them to Meadowlark on one of the days, and they enjoyed it as much as I do.  We also took them to Petersens Ice-Cream shop in Clifton.  

2) Two days later Gregg and I took a trip down south but only for an over-nighter, as we headed back the next day.  We were there for a baby shower, which I attended while Gregg had a good time walking around town and along the beach.  The day we arrived we also met up with family at an Italian Restaurant.

3) The next day we went to the Home Expo Center not too far away from home.  It's an annual exhibition but this is the first one we have attended in a very long time.   I had bought tickets weeks ago and almost forgot all about them, until Gregg mentioned it early that morning.  It was fun looking at what people were selling and just for the heck of it we picked up a whole pile of brochures which filled my bag. Our home is 30 years old and the most major project we had done was the roof and aluminum siding replaced, when several years ago Mother Nature sent us the biggest hailstones we have ever had.  It ruined our roof and broke the siding, even smashing through a slat vent in the side of the house where I knew - imagination running rampant - bats were going to take a liking to our attic and set up residence, along with every other critter in the neighborhood. It took a long time between waiting for the insurance and choosing a company. Many of them were knocking on our door as the whole area had had major damage.  Fortunately our car was in the garage but driving around we saw that many vehicles in the area looked like every square inch had had a hammer taken to them.

4)  We went to our largest shopping mall today.  It's one we rarely visit as it isn't that close, but there was a particular shop I needed to go into.  After we had done our shopping and were on our way to the exit, a lady fell right in front of us.  I had worn a pair of shoes with different soles and noticed they were catching on the floor, telling myself I had to be careful because you know, I've kissed the floor a few times.  No sooner had the thought run through my head, this poor lady took a nose dive.  She landed with such an awful thud and I was scared because she was bleeding from a nasty cut on her lip.  Gregg went into his problem solving mode and is always a good arm to lean on in these situations.  As she was well into her 80s, I worried that she may have broken something. Fortunately she had not.  We realized listening to their conversation, that the younger lady next to her was her daughter.  She and Gregg gently eased her Mom to her feet after making sure no bones had been broken.  She was obviously badly shaken.  The poor lady, her lip had taken the brunt of her fall, and it was already starting to puff up.  I smiled at her when she made a few jokes, but couldn't really focus on anything other than checking whether she was okay.  She wasn't 'okay' but had no serious injuries, in that way she was blessed.

Someone had picked up a chair from a seating area for her to sit in, someone else bought tissues for her cut lip, I went into a shop and asked for a bag of ice, security had been called and this dear lady looked like she really did not want all the fuss around her, and definitely no security.  I don't blame her.  After we were sure she was in good hands we eventually left.  

We talked about it on the way out of the underground parking area, how several people jumped in immediately to help her, of all different nationalities.  We are a very ethnically diverse area, and I can't help but think that with all that we read in the newspapers and then I see something like this, where everyone came together to help one dear lady in her 80s, there's hope for the world yet.  There are a lot of good people around.

5) After that serious No. 4, I thought you would enjoy this.  Click on the link here for some smile bringers.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The Space Mural - A Cosmic View (1976).  You will find it on a south lobby wall at the museum.

It was crowded when we visited a few weeks ago, so I couldn't get this amazing mural in one frame. It was painted by Robert T. McCall (1919-2010).  You can see the whole mural and read more here.

Monday, September 26, 2016


(Not mine, I found it on Pixabay here)

Do you ever use an expression you wonder how it originated?   Recently I used "God Bless his cotton socks."  Gregg asked where did that come from and I answered that I wasn't sure but I had used it my whole life, and had heard it from my family.  These questions usually arise when a certain expression hasn't been used in years, and it suddenly pops in my head.  I went on a search and this is what I came up with.  I found the following information here.

"George Edward Lynch Cotton became Bishop of Calcutta in 1858, and while there established schools for Eurasian children.  A man of great sensitivity, he ordered crates full of sock for the children, to be worn during lessons.  It was the rule of the Bishop to bless all goods which arrived at the schools.  A zealous member of staff one day distributed socks before the blessing, so thereafter every time a shipment arrived, a note was placed on them to the effect: 'Cotton's socks for blessing'.  Cotton's socks soon became corrupted to cotton socks.  When the Bishop was drowned in the Ganges on October 6th, 1866, a dispatch was sent to the Archbishop to ask: 'Who will bless his cotton socks?'

(Mrs.) Jane M. Glossop, Pwllheli, Gwynedd."

And now I know!

With many thanks to our hosts of the following memes, which I am joining in with today.