Friday, August 26, 2016

TODAY'S FLOWERS #420 - August 26th, 2016

I always think of one of my first blogging buddies Eve when I see this flower.  She hosted Sunny Side Up.  She took the lovliest photos.  Eve told me it was a Cleome.  It took a few times for it to sink in, but she was always there to remind me, and after a while, I never forgot.  Thank you Eve!  I hope life is happy in your world.  You often pop into my thoughts.

Thank you to all who participate in this meme, and for every comment left.  They are all read with great appreciation.

Bee Balm

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A lovely dark pink Cosmos Flower

Today's Flowers was originally created by Luiz Santilli, Jr. Thank you Luiz!  I am now its host. 

An orange lily, not quite sure of its name.  I keep going back and forth between a Trout Lily and a Turk's Cap Lily.  What I love are those twirly, candy-stripe buds before they unfurl.  No, it doesn't take much to keep me entertained!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

HUNTLEY MEADOWS - Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Huntley Meadows is another place we enjoy.  My Sister-in-law was visiting and we took her there.  I think she brought us great luck, as we saw more bird life than we have ever seen at one time, particularly Great Blue Herons.  There were several in the area, and I spotted this one in a tree across the marsh.  As there was a very pretty blue sky for a backdrop, I chose my photos for SkyWatch Friday.

Five more photos so that I can join in with Willy-Nilly Friday Five.

1) A Blue Dasher Dragonfly.  He was very cooperative waiting for me to line up a shot.

2)  Hubby and his sister enjoying the Egret in the distance.

3) Little nature lover.  Start them early.  She was with her grandmother.  We enjoyed the little girl's fascination with the young Great Blue Heron.  This is Gregg's photo.

4) I was very curious what this is.  It starts to grow over the marshy plants at this time of the year and I have learned that it is a parasitic plant called Dodder. You can read about it here.  It would be worth scrolling down as there are other very interesting parasitic plants mentioned, all very interesting, and this is the eighth one down. 

5) A change from the above, a tea light in a pretty blue glass container after stopping at a restaurant on the way home.  If one used one's imagination a little, one could almost see that this was a setting sun symbolic of the lovely day we had, that was almost at an end but not quite over.  

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


These two photos show sculptures outside the American Indian Museum.  They were done by Nora Naranjo-Morse, the first American Indian lady to do an outdoor statue in Washington DC.  You can read more about her here.  
They had short fences around them but I thought I could include them in my Good Fences post this week.  We didn't go into the museum this time, as we were on our way to the National Art Gallery.

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